Buying cheap weed online is essential when money’s tight. And let’s face it, the stress that comes with money troubles, as well as the sleepless nights, can really take its toll on your mental health. Thankfully, cannabis is a great way to relieve those feelings. And thanks to the likes of Toke Club Canada you can buy some of the best BC weed available at some of the lowest prices possible.


When buying cheap bud in Canada, many online dispensaries will not allow you to select from your preferred weed strains, sometimes not even allowing you to select from an indica strain or a sativa strain. We believe that this is unfair to you as our friend and dear member of our Toke Club.

Just because you’re being money conscious by searching for and buying low price bud doesn’t mean that you should feel like you’ve been ripped off by getting affordable kush that’s full of shake, unweight, or poorly cultivated. We personally ensure that all the products that we sell, especially our concentrates like our cheap shatteredibles, and our $100 ounce kush have all passed our stringent standards.


Many of the best cannabis dispensaries online offer exclusive savings to their members. So, if you’re buying cannabis online then it saves to join their membership program. They’ll notify you of sales before they go live as well as special products coming into stock and even give you the chance to ensure that your favourite strains are in stock.

At Toke Club, we believe in giving back to you. So, when you sign up, we’ll give you $5 credit towards your first purchase and then earn points (which can be redeemed for weed) for every purchase you make. If you write a review, we’ll gift you an extra 50 points just to say thank you! So, what are you waiting for? Start saving on your weed purchases by signing up at Toke Club Canada.

For too long Canadians had to struggle with inferior products, unsecured retailers, and inconsistent service when they were looking to buy their weed online. It was this lack of consistency that drove us to make The Toke Club with the aim of becoming the #1 choice of Canadians for THC vape pens, juice, and cartridges as well as concentrates and other weed products like edibles. It doesn’t matter if you live in the Northern communities in Canada, or other places like CastlegarWindsor, and Thunder Bay, you’ll find a wide selection of cannabis.

It is our goal to give the perfect herb product into our customers’ hands every time—whether they are a Cannabis connoisseur or a first-time toker. 

Reasons to Trust Toke Club:

  • We carefully select our products by hand to ensure complete satisfaction
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